Hear Mall Grab remix Turnstile songs on ‘Share A View’ EP

Hardcore you can dance to

American hardcore band Turnstile have invited Newcastle producer Mall Grab to remix songs from their 2018 breakthrough album ‘Time & Space’, releasing the results as the ‘Share A View’ EP. Stream it below.

‘Share A View’, which was released yesterday (January 7) on Roadrunner Records, features remixes of three ‘Time & Space’ songs: ‘Generator’ (whose remix is titled ‘Yes I Need My Generator’), ‘Real Thing’ (‘The Real Thing’) and ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Blind’ (‘I Wanna Be Blind’).

In a statement about ‘Share A View’, Turnstile vocalist Brendan Yates said, “This came to fruition by us just appreciating each other from afar. It feels refreshing to be able to share ideas like this together. All music is dance music.”


Stream ‘Share A View’ here:

The EP will receive a limited pink cassette tape release on Pop Wig Records. Get yours here.

Turnstile’s foray into dance music does have a precedent: Superproducer Diplo contributed to the ‘Time & Space’ track ‘Right To Be’. Yates explained their collaboration to Vice in 2018: “We had established a connection with Diplo in the last couple years: He expressed his like of the band, and we expressed our like of what he does, and just had communication with him, and some admiration and respect over the internet.

“That communication was open, so I just said it’d be cool if he’d be able to play something on the bridge part. We wrote him and sent him the song and asked him to send something over. He worked on it, sent over a couple things, and we just worked it into the song.”