Mallrat on collaborating with Azealia Banks: “She’s really become a mentor”

“She has a real, genuine passion for music and cares so much”

In the latest issue of NME Australia, cover star Mallrat opened up about her “serendipitous” collaboration with Azealia Banks, who she says was a “dream to work with”.

Banks appears on the track ‘Surprise Me’, the fourth single from Grace Shaw’s full-length debut as Mallrat, ‘Butterfly Blue’, out next month. “This collaboration was really serendipitous,” Shaw told NME’s Jared Richards, explaining that she had seen Banks play her breakout single ‘Charlie’ and praise her music on a livestream a couple of years ago.

“[Banks] was just going about her day and listening to music,” she continued, “and then she starts playing my music and puts on ‘Charlie’. And then she’s like, ‘This is this girl Mallrat. She’s got some really good music.’ Then she turns it up and she’s like, ‘Actually, she’s got some really fucking good music’.”


After “a few unseen DMs”, Shaw finally connected with Banks, and asked if she would jump on ‘Surprise Me’. On the process of recording it with Banks, Shaw continued: “She just kept rerecording her verse to make it better. She has a real, genuine passion for music and cares so much. She’s really become a mentor and has been sending me all this incredible advice and feedback over the last few months as well. I really admire and respect her.”

“I also admire people that aren’t afraid to make mistakes,” she noted, alluding to Banks’ controversial and derided statements over the years, “because I, in the past, have been quite the opposite. I’m a Libra, so I’m very considered and I don’t wanna upset anyone.”

Shaw dropped ‘Surprise Me’ as a single earlier this month. Upon its release, the Brisbane artist explained that Banks’ debut album, 2014’s ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ (which Banks implored fans to stop streaming in 2020), was “the first album I ever bought with my own money”.

‘Butterfly Blue’, out May 13 via Dew Process, has also been previewed with the singles ‘Rockstar’, ‘Your Love’ and ‘Teeth’.


Earlier today (April 28), Mallrat was announced on the line-up for this year’s Spilt Milk festival, where she’ll appear alongside the likes of Stormzy, Toro y Moi and The Wombats.

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