Mallrat says she expects more from Australian music: “People can rest on their laurels a little bit”

The singer cited Cub Sport, Golden Vessel, Lonelyspeck and Amyl and the Sniffers as local artists she's inspired by

In her cover feature for the latest issue of NME Australia, Brisbane singer-songwriter Mallrat discussed her love of Australian music – and consequently, her high standards for it.

After naming song local artists she’s inspired by – Cub Sport, Golden Vessel, Lonelyspeck and Amyl and the Sniffers – the singer joked that the brief list would be interpreted as ‘Mallrat hates Australian music’. She went on to clarify that she loves local music, and demands more from it as a result.

“There are some really incredible artists [in Australia], but I think there’s also quite a lot of homogenous stuff across different genres,” the singer said.


“I just sometimes think that people can rest on their laurels a little bit, and I’m not interested in that. I think it’s boring. The whole point of an indie artist is to be doing unexpected things and pushing boundaries. You don’t have to be a curated pop star.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Mallrat – real name Grace Shaw – opened up about working with Azealia Banks, who features on a track from her forthcoming debut studio album, ‘Butterfly Blue’.

“This collaboration was really serendipitous,” Shaw told NME‘s Jared Richards, explaining that she had seen Banks play her breakout single ‘Charlie’ and praise her music on a livestream a couple of years ago.

After “a few unseen DMs”, Shaw finally connected with Banks, asking if she would jump on album track ‘Surprise Me’.

“She just kept rerecording her verse to make it better,” Shaw said. “She has a real, genuine passion for music and cares so much. She’s really become a mentor and has been sending me all this incredible advice and feedback over the last few months as well. I really admire and respect her.”


‘Butterfly Blue’ is set to arrive on May 13 via Dew Process. It’s been previewed with three singles – ‘Your Love’ in February, ‘Teeth’ in March and the Banks-featuring ‘Surprise Me’ earlier this month.

Elsewhere, the album features co-production and co-writing from fellow Australians Styalz Fuego, Alice Ivy and Japanese Wallpaper.

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