MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul wants to “challenge the binary view of gender” with music

“I believe I am quite androgynous”

MAMAMOO rapper and singer Moonbyul has discussed her gender ambiguous lyrics in her solo releases and image.

In a recent interview with The Korea Times, the star spoke about her hopes to challenge the gender binary through her music. Moonbyul is known for releasing songs with gender-neutral or ambiguous lyrics, such as her recent pre-release single ‘Shutdown’ featuring Seori, as well as her androgynous image.

The idol shared that her new mini-album ‘6equence’ would be similarly gender-neutral. “So far, I have been trying to release songs that do not sound either feminine or masculine, because I believe I am quite androgynous,” said the idol, expressing her desire to blur the lines of gender.


“I want to become a person who can challenge the binary view of gender through music,” said Moonbyul.

Elsewhere in the interview, the MAMAMOO member shared that she was “100 per cent satisfied” with the new project. “I participated in everything from A to Z in the mini-album-making process,” she said, adding that the release has a “cinematic flow”.

“I think many listeners will find it relatable, as its main theme is love,” Moonbyul told The Korea Times. “The mini-album sheds light on different stages of dating relationships, with each song dealing with different topics, ranging from a first encounter to a breakup.”

Over the weekend, fellow MAMAMOO member Wheein unveiled her sophomore mini-album ‘Whee’, marking her first solo release since her departure from longtime agency RBW Entertainment.

“As much as I’ve laid bare my emotions and thoughts in this album, I hope my voice will reach your hearts and many of you will find the songs relatable,” shared the singer through a press release.