Solar and Moonbyul drop first song as MAMAMOO+, ‘Better’ featuring BIG Naughty

Meet the first-ever subunit of MAMAMOO

MAMAMOO+ have released their first song as a subunit, ‘Better’ featuring rapper BIG Naughty.

On August 30, MAMAMOO members Solar and Moonbyul unveiled their first-ever release as the girl group’s new subunit, MAMAMOO+, with a music video for ‘Better’ featuring BIG Naughty.

In the summery new visual, Moonbyul and Solar take a road trip together, laughing and singing as they coast along. BIG Naughty hitches a ride from them along the way, and the trio wind up spending the day at an amusement park, before dropping him off.


Every time that I’m with you / Wanna waste your youth / Even if we do nothing / As long as we’re together / It’s all good, good, yeah,” they sing in the laid-back chorus.

‘Better’ marks both Solar and Moonbyul’s first non-solo releases in a year, following MAMAMOO’s compilation album ‘I Say MAMAMOO: The Best’ last August. This came soon after member Wheein departed longtime agency, RBW Entertainment, though she remains part of the group.

The members of MAMAMOO have primarily focused on their solo activities in 2022, with Solar releasing her solo EP ‘: Face’ in March. On the other hand, Moonbyul’s latest release was her April single album ‘C.I.T.T (Cheese in the Trap)’, which served as the follow-up to her January 2022 EP ‘6equence’.

In a mixed three-star review of the record, NME’s Tanu I. Raj wrote: “Despite Moonbyul’s lyrical prowess and the musical ingenuity of tracks such as ‘G999’, ‘Shutdown’ and ‘Intro: Synopsis’, ‘6equence’ falters in the latter half.”

Back in June, RBW Entertainment revealed that MAMAMOO were in the midst of preparing to release a new studio album and hold a concert to commemorate their eighth anniversary, set for sometime in the second half of 2022. The agency has yet to make further announcements regarding the quartet’s return as a full group.

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