MAMAMOO’s Wheein cites her cat and fans as inspirations for ‘Redd’

"This time I tried to express the charismatic side to my personality"

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein has shared the inspirations behind her new solo mini album, ‘Redd’.

During an interview with The Fact, the vocalist discussed her involvement in the creation of ‘Redd’, which is also her first solo comeback after one year and seven months.

“This time I tried to express the charismatic side to my personality,” she said, comparing the new release to her previous singles, which she described as “emotional”.


Wheein also singled out album cuts ‘OHOO’ and ‘Springtime’ as two of her favourites, citing their inspirations – her cat and fans, respectively – as the reasons why she feels “affection” for those tracks in particular. “I had my pet cat and my fans in mind while working on the lyrics and melody. That’s why I can’t help but feel affection for those songs,” she said.

“I wrote the lyrics for ‘OHOO’ about three or four years ago. I was looking at my cat, who was staring out the window, and I wondered what he was thinking about,” Wheein added. “‘Springtime’ is a song I wrote as a letter to my fans. I promised them on my birthday that I would be their eternal spring.”

Wheein released ‘Redd’ on April 13, alongside a music video for the title track ‘Water Color’. The seven-track project featured collaborations with pH-1 on ‘Trash’ and GSoul on ‘Butterfly’.

During the interview, Wheein said she was a “big fan” of the two artists’ music, saying that she “thought that their voices would suit the atmosphere of the songs”.