Man who broke into Eminem’s house was arrested last year for the same crime

Matthew David Hughes is currently being held on a $50,000 bond

A man who was arrested last month for breaking into the home of Eminem had committed the same crime only last year, according to reports.

26-year-old Matthew David Hughes broke into Marshall Mathers’ Detroit home last month only to be confronted by the rapper himself, and is now being held on a $50,000 (£40k) bond at Macomb County jail in Michigan.

Now it is being reported that Hughes was arrested less than a year ago for committing the same crime at one of Eminem’s older properties.


He was taken into custody in June 2019 for trespassing on two different properties, one of which was previously owned by the rapper.

According to TMZ, Hughes broke into one home by throwing rocks through a window at 2am, but fled when the owner called the police. He reportedly then later returned, saying he was “looking for his brother Marshall”.

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Eminem CREDIT: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Later that night, at 4am, he headed to a home in Oakland that Eminem had previously owned, and was caught on the property looking for the rapper.

When he broke into Eminem’s current home last month, Hughes reportedly used a paving stone to smash the kitchen window and climb inside the house, while security guards were protecting the front of the property.

His entrance set off an alarm that woke up the star, who then found Hughes in his living room. His security team then detained the man and the police charged Hughes with first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of a building.


Hughes reportedly didn’t try to steal anything from Eminem’s property, but broke in just to see the rapper in the flesh.

Meanwhile, Eminem announced earlier this week (April 29) that he has donated a rare pair of Air Jordan sneakers toward COVID-19 relief funds.