Manu Crooks drops surprise mixtape ‘A Crooks Mixtape’

The six-track project is available to stream exclusively via YouTube and SoundCloud

Manu Crooks has shared a surprise mixtape, dubbed ‘A Crooks Mixtape’, exclusively via SoundCloud and YouTube.

Clocking in at just under 13 minutes, the six-track project is comprised largely of punchy, relatively short cuts accented by Crooks’ rapid-fire delivery. On the track ‘Idols’, Crooks raps over a manipulated sample of the beat from Eminem‘s ‘Cleanin’ Out My Closet’.

Production was largely handled by Awka and Big Lou, and also has contributions from KB, Trip, Splitted Stupid, Looisey, Ben G and Wireshark.


The tracks ‘No Denying’ and ‘Eyez Freestyle’ arrive alongside accompanying music videos. Watch those below via the YouTube stream of the mixtape, or listen to it over on SoundCloud here.

‘A Crooks Mixtape’ marks Manu Crooks’ first new music for 2022, after the rapper released a string of singles last year. Those included the Hooligan Hefs collaboration ‘Don’t Cross The Line’, the B Wise-featuring ‘Summer Fr3aks’ and the solo single ‘Where You Gonna Run’.

Crooks also dropped numerous singles in 2020, such as ‘Bastards’, ‘Killing Me Softly’ and BLESSED collaboration ‘Top’. At the time, it was announced those would feature on a forthcoming EP of Crooks’ titled ‘MFII’. That was expected for release in early 2021, but has not yet materialised. Crooks’ last body of work was his ‘Mood Forever’ EP, which arrived back in 2017.