Marc Rebillet announces Quarantine Livestream Tour

Performing four free shows via live-stream in place of his recently-cancelled tour

Marc Rebillet will perform four free shows via live stream this month (March), in place of his recently cancelled Australia & New Zealand tour.

The electronica artist, who was set to play gigs across the east coast and in Auckland in March, has dubbed it the ‘Quarantine Livestream Tour’.

The news comes after Rebillet postponed his Australian/New Zealand tour last Friday (March 13), due to growing Coronavirus concerns.


He announced plans to perform via live-stream on the same day that the tour was postponed.

Watch Marc Rebillet’s performing ‘I’m Nothing Without You’ below:

“I’m gonna figure out a good time to play a couple shows for you guys from my apartment”, Rebillet wrote on Friday (March 13).

“A little livestream or two on Australia time to let the steam off and have some fun.”

True to his word, Rebillet confirmed the shows this morning, announcing that he would play four live-streamed performances.


Each show is named after a city in which Rebillet was due to play, but he insists that the streams are not limited to fans from those areas.

“Anyone can tune in”, Rebillet wrote over Twitter this morning.

“Calculate your time zone and I’ll see your sweet soft ass there!”

It is believed that Rebillet’s shows will be live streamed from New York via his Facebook page.

Dates & times are as follows (local time):

Marc Rebillet’s ‘Quarantine Livestream’ “Tour” dates are:

“Brisbane” (March 17, 10pm)
“Sydney” (20, 12pm)
“Melbourne” (21, 11pm)
“Auckland” (24, 12pm)

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