Marcus Whale shares haunting new single, ‘Impossible’

The third single lifted from Whale's forthcoming album, 'The Hunger'

Sydney singer-songwriter Marcus Whale has released a new single, ‘Impossible’, in the lead-up to his third album’s arrival.

The single pairs Whale’s reverberating vocals with a sparse keyboard backing, akin to something found on a Cub Sport record. As Whale explains in a statement, ‘Impossible’ is sung “from the perspective of a vampire’s human servant who hopes to be welcomed into the bosom of the undead”.

“Longing for transformation, this figure feels irrevocably different and distant from his beloved, knowing that even proximity is nothing compared to being turned. The song was made in the first month of lockdown in 2020.”


An accompanying music video, directed by Kane Gaundar, uses shaky, gritty footage to capture an undead figure, based on a jiangshi, a reanimated corpse from Chinese folklore.

Watch the clip for ‘Impossible’ below:

‘Impossible’ is lifted from Whale’s forthcoming studio album, ‘The Hunger’, arriving on September 3 through Dero Arcade. It is the final single to be shared before the album is released, following on from earlier tracks ‘Undead’ and ‘Two Holes’.

The theme of songs told from the perspective of a vampire’s servant runs throughout the tracks found on ‘The Hunger’.


“This story becomes a metaphor for a deep longing for transformation, the price of devotion paid for an uncertain outcome, as well as the queer, grotesque conditions that desire and devotion imposes,” Whale said.

“In contrast with its schlocky concept, I’ve thought of ‘The Hunger’ as my adult contemporary album, in which the horror of the vampire familiar is rendered into more tender, slow-paced forms, more insidious than imposing, more intimate than loud, more immersive than violent.”