marigolden shares debut single ‘Taking It Back’

A song about reclaiming self worth and calling out injustices

Melbourne singer-songwriter marigolden has made her official debut with the single, ‘Taking It Back’.

Listen to it below:


‘Taking It Back’ was co-produced by singer-songwriter Hayden Calnin and audio engineer Becki Whitton.

Per a press release, marigolden, real name Mel O’Neill, said the track was about “reclaiming my self-worth and making a promise to call out injustices of all kinds so others can too”.

“Two years ago, I went to a park after work, laid down in the sun, and wrote… It was the first time I’d ever allowed myself to feel truly angry about past mistreatment,” O’Neill told Good Intent, where the song premiered yesterday (July 1).

“I’ve sung this song many, many times and every time I do, I feel a swell of strength and support from the people listening.”

“Two years ago I released my trauma on these pieces of paper,” O’Neill wrote on an Instagram post.


“Now it’s a song that’s out in the world. What happens next? Who knows. Here fucking goes.”

To date, O’Neill has shared the stage with a variety of artists, including MAYA, Shannen James, Squid Nebula, Rat Child and Hannah McKittrick.

O’Neill’s last unofficial release was her demo of ‘Just Like Smoke’, which was released in April on Bandcamp.