Marilyn Manson explains double-sided concept of new album ‘We Are Chaos’

"We were very particular about how we pieced it all together"

Marilyn Manson has opened up on the double-sided concept of his forthcoming new album, ‘We Are Chaos’.

The shock rock star is set to release his 11th studio effort next Friday (September 11) via Loma Vista, following on from 2017’s ‘Heaven Upside Down’.

Speaking in a new interview with Revolver, Manson offered further details on how the formatting of the record came to be.


“So I began it with the intro prose to try to set the tone for what was to come on the record,” he explained. “And we made it 10 songs so it would be treated, in the traditional sense, of how an LP works. How there’s a Side A and a Side B, because it changes.

“Just like in a movie or a play, there’s three acts. And we were very particular about how we pieced it all together, but it was not difficult. There were no extra songs that we left off.”

Manson went on to talk about how painting the album’s official artwork while “on my knees” had “spawned Side Two of the record, ‘Infinite Darkness’, because that’s what I called the painting. And that’s the second side of the record.”

He also explained how he’d been “forced to become more creative” during the making of ‘We Are Chaos’ as he was staying in someone else’s home while his house was being renovated.

“It’s almost like when you’re limited to only using black and white and you don’t have the whole colour palette, metaphorically with music, as well,” Manson said. “So I was kind of stripped-down, so I could only go with my notebook to Shooter’s [Jennings, co-producer] studio.


“And so what we created there was concentrated, because I didn’t have the distractions of what might be now considered comforts being trapped in your home.”

Manson released the album’s title track back in July alongside an unsettling official video. Shooter Jennings, a frequent collaborator of Manson’s, previously hailed ‘We Are Chaos’ as a “masterpiece”.