Mark Tuan announces debut solo studio album ‘The Other Side’

His first full-length record as a soloist is slated for release next month

Mark Tuan has officially announced his long-awaited debut solo album.

Today (July 6), the Taiwanese-American K-pop idol, who is also a member of boyband GOT7, teased his first full-length album as a solo artist. The post featured a moving visual that features the singer’s name and as well as the record’s name, ‘The Other Side’.

“FINALLY!! My first album is coming out!!” wrote Tuan in the post. ‘The Other Side’ is set to drop on August 26. Details about the record, including its tracklist and more, are expected to be released in the coming weeks.


Tuan first teased plans to release a full-length album earlier this year. In an interview with Singles Magazine in May, the Taiwanese-American K-pop idol revealed that he had recently completed an “album-like project” prior to his arrival in South Korea for GOT7’s comeback.

“I’ve worked on a lot more songs than the singles that have been released,” said Tuan. At the time, he noted that he had prepared “quite a lot” of songs for the record and said that he planned to release the finished record “before the year ends.”

Earlier this month, Tuan released the single ‘imysm’. That song was accompanied by a video treatment that includes footage of the idol performing at GOT7’s sold-out fanmeet event in Bangkok, Thailand in May, where he first performed the song.

‘imysm’ was also the latest in a string of solo releases by the K-pop idol this year, preceded by the songs ‘lonely’, ‘save me’, ‘my life’ and ‘Last Breath’. It is currently unknown if any of Tuan’s five solo tracks will appear on his forthcoming debut record.

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