Mashd N Kutcher link up with Illy for poppy new single ‘I’ll Be Fine’

Illy says that “as someone who absolutely loves to get on the beers, it was a natural fit”

Mashd N Kutcher have shared a bubbly, pop-leaning single titled ‘I’ll Be Fine’, for which they’ve joined forces with pop-rap heavyweight Illy.

It marks a step away from the Brisbane duo’s house music roots, fusing their beat-driven dance style with a more traditional pop song structure.

It also sees Illy sing more than he raps – over a bed of cooly strummed, heavily produced acoustic guitars, he sings wistfully: “She said, ‘Things don’t get better after this’ / We can’t leep going where the something’s gotta give / I can’t forget, though it’s better to forgive / Holding all that baggage is a heavy way to live.”


Have a listen to ‘I’ll Be Fine’ below:

In a social media post announcing the song, Illy said he “was stoked to write this one for me mates Mashd N Kutcher”. He continued: “Speaking for myself, as someone who absolutely loves to get on the beers, it was a natural fit.”

‘I’ll Be Fine’ comes as Mashd N Kutcher’s first release for 2022, following last October’s Powderfinger-sampling ‘On My Mind’. An EP of remixes was released in December, featuring new takes on the track by James Hype, Odd Mob and Sgt Slick.

Illy released his sixth studio album, ‘The Space Between’, last January. It sported a whopping eight singles, including ‘Loose Ends’ with G Flip, ‘Cheap Seats’ with WAAX, ‘Mirror’ with Wrabel and ‘I Myself & Me’.