Maxim Baldry’s band Terra Twin share debut single ‘I’m Coming Up (Again)’

The 'Rings Of Power' star is lead vocalist for the London five-piece

Terra Twin, featuring The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power actor Maxim Baldry, have released their debut single ‘I’m Coming Up (Again)’.

Baldry, who plays Númenórean warrior Isildur in Amazon Prime Video‘s fantasy series, adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels, first started the band as a solo “bedroom project” while shooting in New Zealand. Since then, Terra Twin has evolved into a five-piece group with old school friend Jake Goodbody and three other members: Lewis Spear, Alex Wadstein and Joel McConkey.

Describing the new track, which combines softly-sung vocals from Baldry with psychedelic guitar rock, Baldry said: “It’s the most intriguing [of our songs] and doesn’t give too much away.


Terra Twin
Terra Twin are Maxim Baldry, Jake Goodbody, Lewis Spear, Alex Wadstein and Joel McConkey. CREDIT: Jasper Cable Alexander

“We’ve been kind of in the shadows for so long, so it sort of emulates where we are as a band. We just want to pop.”

He described his multi-instrumentalist bandmate Goodbody as a “virtuoso genius producer [who] can turn anything into a beautiful ’60s or ’70s sound.”

This Saturday (October 1), the band will play a special show to launch the single at east London venue Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes. A European tour is in the pipeline for the future, Baldry told NME.

As Isildur in ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The RIngs Of Power’. CREDIT: Prime Video

“Nothing would make me happier [than touring],” he said. “Terra Twin is my rock, it’s my constant… It’s something I have creative control over that I can really pour myself into.”


Meanwhile, The Rings Of Power airs its sixth episode on Prime Video today (September 30). It sees Baldry’s character Isildur fight in “the battle [fans] have been waiting for” and will be followed by two more episodes in season one. Season two starts filming imminently.