MC Hammer “can’t touch this” piano in Super Bowl advert that nods to ’90s hit

Watch the teaser now

MC Hammer pokes fun at his ’90s hit ‘U Can’t Touch This’ in a new advert that’s set to air at this year’s Super Bowl.

The Cheetos commercial, which pays tribute to the “Cheetle,” the orange dust that gathers on consumers’ fingertips after scoffing the snack, stars the charismatic rapper.

In the teaser clip Hammer is seen sitting at a piano humming the melody to his next big song while eating the cheesy crisps. As he goes to play the piano, he realises his fingers are covered in the orange residue. “Wait, I can’t touch this!” he shouts.


Hammer’s 1990 single ‘U Can’t Touch This’ was a hit worldwide, reaching Number One on several Billboard charts in the US and reaching Number Three on the UK singles chart.

The Californian artist has released 11 albums since his debut ‘Feel My Power’ in 1986, with his last being 2009’s ‘DanceJamtheMusic’.

In 2017, the star signed copies of, and a booklet sold, with Beck‘s album ‘Colours’.

While Hammer wasn’t involved directly with the album, a representative for Beck explained that the two artists are fans of one another and that MC Hammer wanted to sign copies of the record.

“‘Colors’ is a great party record,” Hammer says in a statement.


Meanwhile, Demi Lovato has announced that she’ll continue her live comeback by performing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ at the Super Bowl next month.

The confirmation of the February 2 performance comes days after Lovato revealed she will also perform at the 2020 Grammy Awards later this month.

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