Megan Thee Stallion hits out after Draya Michele jokes about her shooting

"that shit ain't fucking funny who tf jokes about getting shot"

Megan Thee Stallion has responded after Draya Michele joked about her shooting on the night of Tory Lanez’ arrest earlier this month.

The rapper confirmed earlier this month that she was shot in the foot and had to undergo surgery.

Hours before the shooting, she had attended a party in the Hollywood Hills alongside Tory and a close friend.

Tory was later arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in an SUV, but the details of how Megan was shot remain under investigation.

Appearing on the Wine And Weed podcast, Michele was asked what she thought may have happened between the pair.

“I predict that they had some sort of Bobby and Whitney love that drove them down this… type of road,” Draya said on the podcast.

“I’m here for it. I like that. I want you to like me so much you shoot me in the foot, too.”

Michele was quickly criticised and accused of glorifying domestic violence. Megan seemingly responded to her comments in a tweet, while also criticising all others who are making jokes about the incident.

“Dumb bitch that shit ain’t fucking funny who tf jokes about getting shot…” she wrote.

“And fuck all the hoe ass n****s making jokes about it too,” she continued. “I’ll talk about shit when I get ready.”

Michele has since responded to Megan, taking to Twitter to apologise for her comments.

“I truly don’t glorify domestic violence,” she wrote. “I was trying to say just love me deeply. But while trying to be funny, I offended many, including meg. And I’m sorry.”

Megan made a statement on Instagram earlier this month revealing that she was shot and that she was not arrested.

“I’m incredibly grateful to be alive and that I’m expected to make a full recovery, but it was important for me to clarify the details about this traumatic night,” the statement read.

“I’m currently focused on my recovery, so I can return back to my lie and back to making music as soon as possible.”

Lanez was arrested on charges of concealing a weapon in his vehicle, and was released later that day after posting $35,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in court on October 13.

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