Megan Thee Stallion shares her reaction to Beyoncé appearing on ‘Savage’ remix

"You don't grow up and think you're gonna meet Beyoncé"

Megan Thee Stallion has shared her reaction to hearing Beyoncé was up for collaborating on her ‘Savage’ remix.

The superstar appeared on the new version of Megan’s viral hit that was released last month (April 29).

In a new interview, the Houston rapper revealed how she had responded to the news one of her hometown heroes wanted to work with her. “I got a call: Beyoncé wants to do a remix to ‘Savage’,” she told the Guardian. “And I was like … what? Shut up. Shut up. You’re lying. Beyoncé don’t want to get on nothing with me. Come on, it’s me! I know I’m Megan Thee Stallion, but dang!”


She continued to explain the personal importance of the collaboration to her, saying: “You grow up and you friggin’ watch Destiny’s Child, and you go to the rodeo to see them perform. You don’t grow up and think you’re gonna meet Be-yon-cé!”

The new version of ‘Savage’ features Beyoncé singing and rapping, referencing her mother Tina Knowles in one line: “And my mama was a savage/Got this shit from Tina.

Another remix of ‘Savage’ was released earlier today (May 8), this time reworked by Major Lazer. The track was accompanied by a video featuring brightly-coloured animations.

Meanwhile, Megan Thee Stallion recently said she was using her time in lockdown to work on a new album. I would have been working on it anyway, but what else am I going to be doing right now,” she said. “I’ve just been writing and we set up a little studio in here.”

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