Mel B shines light on domestic violence victims in new video: “It’s every woman’s story”

"It’s every woman’s story, it’s everybody’s voice, because we are dealing with an epidemic"

Mel B has opened up on her role in a new video which highlights the horrors of domestic abuse, describing the clip as “every woman’s story, it’s everybody’s voice”.

The Spice Girls singer has teamed up with Women’s Aid for the new video, which is directed by composer Fabio D’Andrea and represents domestic violence through dance.

She told Good Morning Britain: “You know that’s why this video is so important, because it’s not just my story, (it’s) bits and pieces of my story, but it’s every woman’s story, it’s everybody’s voice, because we are dealing with an epidemic.”

The emotional clip, inspired by the stories she has previously heard as a Women’s Aid patron, sees Mel B recreating a woman’s brave escape from an abuse relationship.

“You put on your armour, and you walk out into the world, but behind closed doors, it’s very, very different, and it’s embarrassing and shameful and you carry so much guilt, having to try and keep that secret,” Mel B said.

“That’s why to do this campaign was so important to me, you know, teaming together with Fabio, with Ashley Wallen, the choreographer, and coming together to collaborate and make something that people can not only watch, but they can really get a sense of what does happen.

“Because the full video has so many things in there from him taking her money, from him taking her car keys, telling her what to wear. So it’s not just physical abuse, it’s coercive control, it’s emotional abuse, you know, it’s all different layers of abuse that we have to talk about.”

The singer split from ex-husband Stephen Belafonte in 2018 after a decade.

She claimed in her 2018 memoir Brutally Honest that she had suffered abuse at Belafonte’s hands, allegations he has repeatedly denied.

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