Melbourne band Lipstereo launch debut EP ‘Modern Mythology’

Produced by Mark Opitz AM, the INXS and Cold Chisel producer who came out of semi-retirement to work on the EP

In partnership with Pop Preservation Society

Melbourne band Lipstereo have launched their debut EP ‘Modern Mythology’.

You may have seen the four-piece indie band on your TikTok feed, where they’ve enjoyed success with a series where they cover a trending song without actually listening to it – including ‘Anti-Hero’ by Taylor Swift, ‘Made You Look’ by Meghan Trainor and ‘Life Goes On’ by Oliver Tree. The latter video has racked up 4.4million views to date.


it goes on and on and on and on… @Oliver Tree #olivertree #music #musician #cover #songcovers

♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree


Lipstereo bring the indie rock sensibilities showcased on those fast-and-loose covers to bear on their EP ‘Modern Mythology’, released November 11 on the newly established label Pop Preservation Society and launched with a gig at the Toff in Town.

It was produced by Mark Opitz AM, the acclaimed producer who has worked with the likes of INXS, Cold Chisel and AC/DC. Opitz came out of semi-retirement to work on ‘Modern Mythology’.

The band credit Opitz for influencing the gritty sound and emotive approach of the EP. “When we went into the studio, we thought we wanted to record it properly and make all the tracks right,” frontman Sam Stranges told Beat recently. “But Mark kept saying ‘what does it feel like, what’s the feeling?’ and that’s super important, if it feels right, it doesn’t matter if it has the perfect tone.”

The four-track project was led by the garagey ‘Stop’, the band’s debut single released in June. It makes full use of its two-minute runtime – “like the Ramones where it’s all killer no filler,” as Stranges put it to Beat. Its psychedelic music video was on Rage rotation for four weeks – check it out above.


Lipstereo formed in 2019. The band are vocalist and guitarist Sam Stranges, guitarist Andrew Stainsby, bassist Tage Hosking-Gregory and drummer Jesse Porter. The band have already been working on new music to follow ‘Modern Mythology’, with some demos in the works.

Lipstereo’s ‘Modern Mythology’ is out now via Pop Preservation Society

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