Melbourne rap collective 66Records drop new single ‘Devil Persona’

Fresh off of signing to Warner Music

Melbourne rap collective 66Records has today (April 16) released new single ‘Devil Persona’, featuring BBG Smokey, Eco$ystem, Baby T and Lil Jaye.

Watch the video below:


The four rappers on the song were the first to join the collective, which was founded by friends John Nelson and Abraham Poni and recently signed to Warner Music.

“My dream was to change the African Australian Hip Hop scene into an international scene,” Nelson said in a press statement.

“We see ourselves as the Australian version of Quality Control (Migos, City Girls, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby) — even though we are still in our early stages of our journey we dream big. We believe that the movement that we are creating is bigger than us, and we continue to strive to create a better environment for the up-and-coming artist.

“Signing to Warner Music was a big step up for us that we felt that we were ready for and was another step in our journey. The artists on 66Records are very different and versatile. With our roster we can reach multiple demographics and as we continue to develop them, the possibilities are endless.”

Individual members of 66Records will follow up ‘Devil Persona’ with a string of releases through April and May, including Lil Jaye’s ‘Blessings’ on April 23 and Eco$ystem’s ‘Hop Out’ on May 7.