Melbourne rock duo Sophisticated Dingo announce new EP ‘How’s The Carry On!?’

And they've dropped new single 'Don't Wanna Be'

Sophisticated Dingo have announced details surrounding their second EP, ‘How’s The Carry On!?’, in addition to releasing a new single, ‘Don’t Wanna Be’.

‘Don’t Wanna Be’ serves as the third cut from the forthcoming EP, following the release of ‘Vultures’ at the beginning of the year and the self-empowerment single ‘What Is Going On?’.

Listen to ‘Don’t Wanna Be’ below:


Of the new track, Sophisticated Dingo vocalist Lewis Matte explains that it is one of the first songs the band ever wrote.

“I can remember playing it at our first practices,” Matte said in a press statement.

“We’ve always played it live and when we were putting together our new EP it felt right at home among the other songs.”

Matte also explained that the song is “about seizing the moment and taking control of what you can in life because you ‘don’t want to be another missed opportunity”.

The track was both recorded and mixed by RAT!Hammock collaborator Sam Swain at Sunset Pig Studios in Collingwood.


‘How’s The Carry On?!’, which is due out Wednesday August 19, follows on from Sophisticated Dingo’s first EP, ‘Tastes Just Like The Real Thing’, which dropped in 2018. The debut EP also featured the band’s runaway 2017 hit ‘Head Talk’.