Melbourne’s department. release punk-heavy single ‘New Crave’

From a forthcoming larger body of work

Melbourne punk outfit Department (stylised as department.) have released a new single, ‘New Crave’.

Taken from a forthcoming full-length no-wave record slated for release in 2021, ‘New Crave’ is presented as “quintessentially brash, noisy” and is a raucous spin by the threesome on the classic punk sound, with drawling vocals, crashing high hats and raw guitar riffs.

Listen to ‘New Crave’ below:


In a press release, Department frontman Josh Chugg discussed the track, saying, “‘New Crave’ deals with the endless obsessions, addictions and fixations that allow us to escape our immediate reality, for another. Whether it is escapism, coping or entertainment, there is a consensus that there must be more to our living experience than what we soberly absorb through our senses.

“It is about searching and finding the next thing to give ourselves to, with a monomaniacal devotion, eventually and inevitably realising we were better off without it, once it is too late.”

‘New Crave’ was released today via independent label Sunset Pig Records.

Since emerging from the Melbourne underground in 2016, Department have solidified their identity as no-wave ambassadors, landing them coveted touring spots with the likes of Dumb Pants, Amyl & The Sniffers, Drunk Mums and Lazertits.