merci, mercy drops brutally relatable new single ‘Winnie Crush’

The single comes as her first for 2021, following last year’s breakout EP ‘no thank you, no thanks’

Sydney singer-songwriter merci, mercy (aka Mercedes Thorne) has shared a breezy new single titled ‘Winnie Crush’, melding her signature catchy pop beats with heavy themes and blunt lyricism.

Released today (August 26), the track arrives alongside a whimsical animated video by Interns Creative, wherein Thorne embraces a slew of her vices in a fantastical wonderland of comfort food, booze and drugs, sharing her adventure with a sentient cigarette.

Take a look at the video for ‘Winnie Crush’ below:


In a press release describing the track as a “dive into the fine line between self-care and indulgence”, Thorne explained that ‘Winnie Crush’ is “about a toxic relationship that I have with myself [and] these bad habits that I’m letting take control over my life. I can barely afford what is good for my body let alone what’s bad for it.

“In this mind of mine I’ve tricked myself to believe that this is what’s good for me, that it’s something that makes me happy. I can’t afford to do this to myself anymore, I can’t afford a love that doesn’t exist.”

The single comes as her first for 2021, following last year’s breakout EP ‘no thank you, no thanks’. Flanked by the viral hit ‘Fucked Myself Up’, alongside singles ‘Fall Apart’, Something You Like’ and ‘Tequila & Lemonade’, the six-track release catapulted Thorne to the Australian mainstream.

In a four-star review of the EP, NME’s Ali Shutler said: “Full of character and never holding anything back, mercy throws her whole self fearlessly into every track. Driven by that reckless, heartfelt confidence, ‘no thank you, no thanks’ is a kaleidoscopic blitz of genre-hopping might.”


Released locally on Liberation, ‘Winnie Crush’ also marks Thorne’s debut on Capitol Records in the US and EMI in the UK. “Signing with [Capitol and EMI] is an extraordinary achievement for me. I still don’t believe that it is real,” she said.

“The first time meeting the team at Capitol and EMI over Zoom I just fell in love. They liked me for me and they really understood what I wanted to do with my music. I feel so incredibly lucky that I now have some more incredible people on my team!”