merci, mercy shares new track ‘Tequila & Lemonade’ ahead of EP release

Her EP is out October 16

merci, mercy has shared another single, entitled ‘Tequila & Lemonade’, ahead of her debut EP’s release this Friday (October 16).

The EP, ‘no thank you, no thanks’, hits shelves via Liberation and will also feature the singles ‘Fucked Myself Up’, ‘Fall Apart’ and ‘Something You Like’.

Listen to ‘Tequila & Lemonade’ below:



“’Tequila & Lemonade’ took the longest of all songs on the EP to write,” merci, mercy — real name Mercedes Thorne — said in a press release.

“It touches on similar themes to ‘Fucked Myself Up,’ it’s about feeling trapped in your own head and looking for ways to escape and feel confident.”

Indeed, ‘Tequila & Lemonade’ shares a point of commonality with all the songs on Thorne’s forthcoming record.

“It turns out all the songs are to do with relationships,” she said.


“With other people, with alcohol, with my anxiety, and with myself. It was quite a therapeutic process for me to write these songs and I hope they might connect with people who have been through similar experiences.”

To celebrate her EP’s release, merci, mercy will play four shows at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory across this week and next.

While all tickets have sold out, fans will still be able to tune into the live-stream of Thorne’s October 23 performance.

In September, Thorne appeared as part of Isol-Aid’s six-month anniversary performance, alongside Wax Chattels, Bel and more.