Merpire releases tense new single ‘Dinosaur’

Released alongside an official music video

Merpire is back with a new single, ‘Dinosaur’, released with an official music video.

Released today (March 11), ‘Dinosaur’ is a dark song that captures tension – thanks to James Seymour’s production – reminiscent of someone with social anxiety, feelings of which Merpire said in a press statement could “spill out when held onto for too long”.

“‘Dinosaur’ is inspired by a line in the first Jurassic Park movie when Sam Neil’s character says ‘If you stay still, they can’t see you,'” Merpire said. “I always wished this could be the case with humans.


“If you don’t feel like seeing anyone or you want to smoke bomb from a social interaction you can just freeze and become invisible. Oh no, it’s just the opposite.”

‘Dinosaur’ is accompanied by an official music video, filmed entirely under a trampoline in Merpire’s front yard. As with the videos for her previous singles, ‘Habit’ and ‘Heavey Feeling’, the idea for this video has been conceptualised to be like a film script, relying heavily on colour and imagery.

Watch it below:

Last year, Merpire teamed up with fellow Melbourne artist Feelds under a new collaborative moniker, Wilson’s Prom, to release a new single, ‘Love Fool’. It was a song about “the freedom of expression, the spontaneity of it and how it can be contorted and toxified by social standards, especially online,” per Merpire in a statement at the time.


Wilson’s Prom followed their debut release with a second single, ‘Manifest Protagonist’, released last September, before their self-titled debut EP dropped in November.