Mia Wray performs a cappella version of ‘Work For Me’ for ‘The Sound’

Live from Melbourne's Athenaeum Theatre

Melbourne rising star Mia Wray has appeared on the Season Two premiere of ABC music program The Sound, airing yesterday (November 1).

The 24-year-old is shown performing her debut single ‘Work For Me’, live from Athenaeum Theatre in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

Her already minimalist single – which bears similarities to Meg Mac and Vera Blue – is stripped back even further, resulting in a showstopping a cappella number. Watch the clip below.


According to Wray, ‘Work For Me’ was born out of frustration from her day job and “just feeling so fed up with how I was being treated and a few other situations that were happening around me”.

“I started singing in the shower and it just sort of came out. I had taken a break from music but I just knew that I had so much more to offer,” she told Pilerats

“I hope that this is the song that people listen to, to pump themselves up or help boost their confidence. Any time I’m about to step into a situation where I’m a bit intimidated or a bit unsure or a bit self-conscious, I’ll just step into the person who wrote Work For Me’ and then I’m like, I got this.”

Other artists on last night’s episode of The Sound included Ruel, The Rubens and Alice Skye. Kylie Minogue also made a special appearance, previewing ‘Say Something’ ahead of her ‘Infinite Disco’ livestream.


Midnight Oil also curated a performance of ‘First Nation’ with Jessica Mauboy and Tasman Keith, following the release of their latest album ‘The Makarrata Project‘.