Michael Kiwanuka shares sun-soaked music video for ‘Interlude (Loving the People)’

Lifted from his Mercury Prize-winning self-titled record

Michael Kiwanuka has shared the music video for his track ‘Interlude (Loving the People)’. The song originally featured on his self-titled album, released last year.

Directed by Phillip Youmans, the track’s music video illustrates an idyllic image of youth, stitching together clips of skateboarding in the sun, body painting and dancing to music. It also opens with a sample of a speech by late US congressman and civil rights activist, John Lewis.

“Listening to ‘Interlude (Loving the People)’ feels like sunshine on my skin,” Youmans said in a statement.


“This film is an escapist trip where young black people revel in the psychedelic experience. For me, ‘Loving the People’ is about the adrenaline of unconfined love and joy, a celebration of black youth and imagination.”

Watch the clip below:

Kiwanuka’s latest album earned him the prestigious Mercury Prize in 2020, beating out contenders including Charli XCX, Dua Lipa, Laura Marling and Stormzy.

Speaking to NME following his win, Kiwanuka said “it’s definitely encouraged [him] to keep dreaming big”.

“I hope it inspires people who maybe have a similar story to mine or people who, in other ways, maybe feel like they’re going into something that is maybe outside of their comfort zone or not usually the path they would be expected to take,” he said.


“I’d hope it inspires them just to keep going and to keep being true to themselves, to keep going but not to compromise. That’s something I really believe in and I hope that is something can garner from my music and especially the songs on this album.”

NME gave ‘Kiwanuka’ five stars upon its release, praising the record for its “brave experimentation and hard-won self-knowledge”.