Watch Mick Jagger tackle some household chores in ‘How to Quarantine’ video

The skit was filmed for 'The Tonight Show' in support of Save the Children

Mick Jagger tackled some overdue household chores during a humorous ‘How to Quarantine’ charity video for The Tonight Show in the US — watch the clip below.

The skit was filmed for the Jimmy Fallon-hosted chat show, which is currently being produced remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Parodying a black-and-white BBC news report from the 1940s, the focus of last night’s Tonight Show briefly switched to the Rolling Stones frontman at home on his country estate in France.


After being implored by the narrator of the clip to be productive during the lockdown, Jagger is then seen tending to a series of chores, such as DIY, gardening and animal husbandry.

The sketch was filmed in support of Save the Children, which you can find more information about and donate to here.

Jagger recently took part in the iFor India concert, which raised money for those affected by the coronavirus outbreak in India.

He also joined his fellow Rolling Stones bandmates last month to give a unique performance for their respective homes for Global Citizen’s One World: Together At Home virtual coronavirus relief concert.


Jagger also responded last month to Paul McCartney‘s claim that The Beatles were a superior band to The Rolling Stones at the height of their fame.

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