Mick Jagger gives fresh update on new Rolling Stones material

"It sounds good, what we've already done — [it] sounds pretty good to me"

Mick Jagger has given an update on the progress of the next batch of Rolling Stones music, revealing in an interview that he’s been working on new material by the band during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Stones’ last release, ‘Living in a Ghost Town’, arrived back in April as a standalone single.

Speaking to the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show this morning (July 22) to mark the release of ‘Scarlet’, the Stones’ previously unreleased collaboration with Jimmy Page, Jagger was asked about how the band’s next set of songs are progressing.


The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones (Picture: Getty)

“I don’t know… don’t hold you breath!” he joked. “We recorded a bunch of tracks at the same time we did ‘…Ghost Town’, so actually I’ve been finishing off the vocals and some other instruments on them, and doing some mixes. So I’m working on it.

“We’ve got to get together and do a couple more sessions on them,” the frontman added. “But we’re not really gonna get together right now. But it sounds good, what we’ve already done — [it] sounds pretty good to me.”

Back in May, the Stones announced the launch of ‘Extra Licks’ — a six-part weekly series of special online featurettes consisting of concert films from across their career.

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