Micra drop new tracks ‘After Dark’ and ‘Tell Me What You Need’, announce EP trilogy

The first instalment in their as-yet-untitled EP trilogy is due for release in December

Sydney dream-pop duo Micra have shared two new singles, ‘After Dark’ and ‘Tell Me What You Need’, landing as a double A-side package to mark their third release for 2021.

Written and produced in tandem with Chris Collins (Middle Kids, Skegss, Tyne James-Organ), ‘After Dark’ is a hazy and hypnotic psych-pop jam that shimmers with glittery synths and a groovy bassline, over which singer/guitarist Ivana Kafedjiyska’s moody, mellowed-out delivery contrasts with the brightness of bandmate Robbie Cain chanting the song’s title.

On the other hand, ‘Tell Me What You Need’ is a slow-burning number defined by bold, reverberant keys and restrained percussion, with the track swelling into a fiery guitar solo accented by a warbling bassline and glitchy synths.


Have a listen to ‘After Dark’ and ‘Tell Me What You Need’ below:

In a press release, Kafedjiyska said ‘After Dark’ explores the concept of denial, calling the track “a deep introspection about asking yourself tough questions”.

She continued: “Looking back on a period of my life there were some blind spots and keeping busy helped stop certain realisations coming to the surface, leading to a perpetual state of denial. ‘After Dark’ started as an expression of how in the quieter moments some hard truths can emerge.”

Kafedjiyska went on to describe ‘Tell Me What You Need’ as one of the duo’s favourite tracks they’d written thus far, explaining: “We love free form, no structure and constraints to come through in our music and this song gave us space to explore whatever we wanted.


“I had a narrative in my mind of a dystopian scene following a woman into her shadow-self, inside a metaphorical underworld. It feels like a bunch of scenes thrown together so when the song flips we wanted it to feel like you’ve just woken up for the first time in a blissful state with someone you love on your last day on earth.”

The new tracks are said to offer “a glimpse of what’s to come from [Micra]”, with the duo set to release three EPs over the next year. Today’s (September 30) press release didn’t confirm whether ‘Tell Me What You Need’ would appear on any of the records, but did note that ‘After Dark’ would serve as the lead single for their first, as-yet-untitled EP, due for release in December.

“Each EP in this trilogy represents a different side to Micra,” the band said in a statement. “Over the last few years, we have been constantly creating and refining. Yet we have only presented a small glimpse into our musical world so far. From songs that came together quickly in one day, to songs that we have spent years tinkering with, each EP is a different exploration of sonics and moods.

“Our first EP explores the themes of introspection and isolation in different ways. These aren’t always negative emotions leading to negative moments. Sometimes they can be the exact opposite.”

After releasing four tracks throughout 2020 – including highlight ‘Under My Skin’ – Micra kicked the new year off with the standalone single ‘Sonata’, followed by another double A-side, comprising the tracks ‘Undercover Lover’ and ‘I Shouldn’t Have Listened’, in April.

The duo are also set to support Mansionair on their forthcoming east coast tour. The run was initially slated to go down back in June, but was postponed due to the most recent outbreak of COVID-19. New dates are set to be announced in the coming weeks.