Micra put the “dream” in “dream-pop” with breezy new single ‘Sunday’

The EP of the same name will land next month

Sydney duo Micra have shared an enthralling new track titled ‘Sunday’, landing today as the latest preview of their forthcoming debut EP.

Carried by a spacey mix of fuzzy, reverberant guitars and soaring vocal harmonies, ‘Sunday’ leans heavily into the their dream-pop stylings. The track’s energy picks up in its final passages, with a funky bassline and subtle yet impactful touch of distortion.

In a standout moment toward the end of ‘Sunday’, Ivana Kafedjiyska sings: “I’m keeping you cosy, you’re breathing in easy / I’m kicking and screaming, lend me a free hand.


Take a look at the visualiser for ‘Sunday’, produced by Madeline Randall with footage shot by Micra themselves, below:

In a press release, Kafedjiyska said that ‘Sunday’ was “like the song of my childhood”. She elaborated: “As a kid I remember thinking, ‘What do people even do on a Sunday?’ and wondering [if I was] the only one feeling like this.

“I started hearing people talk about the Sunday scaries… The cliché is there for a reason, and I did feel this over contemplation of my entire existence. I’ve always been a dreamer so that just became amplified on a Sunday. We’re hoping this song can try to capture those feelings.”

Micra’s guitarist and producer, Robbie Cain, added that ‘Sunday’ was a song Kafedjiyska had written before the pair began making music together. “I think it’s my favourite song we’ve ever made,” he said. “It has such a classic guitar riff and the lyricism is beautiful and relatable. It’s a song that dives into your soul and makes you feel sad right before giving you a strong dose of euphoria.

‘Sunday’ is the second track to be shared from Micra’s debut EP of the same name, following ‘After Dark’ back in September. The four-track release will land on December 2 via Liberation, and will act as the first instalment in a trilogy of EPs each said to represent “a different side to Micra”.


“Over the last few years,” the band said in a joint statement, “we have been constantly creating and refining. Yet we have only presented a small glimpse into our musical world so far. From songs that came together quickly in one day, to songs that we have spent years tinkering with, each EP is a different exploration of sonics and moods.”

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