Middle Kids announce new album, ‘Today We’re The Greatest’

They'll take the album, including new single 'Questions', on tour this May

Sydney band Middle Kids have delivered fans a trifecta of big news today, with the announcement of a new album and national tour, along with the release of a new single.

‘Today We’re The Greatest’, due out March 19, is the band’s second studio album, following their 2018 debut ‘Lost Friends’.

Middle Kids also released new single ‘Questions’ today (January 14), marking the second cut we’ve heard from the new album following last year’s ‘R U 4 Me?’


Watch the one-shot ‘Questions’ music video, directed by W.A.M. Bleakley, below:

Of the new song, lead vocalist Hannah Joy said in a press statement, “I used to drink a lot and most of my previous relationships revolved around this.

“I don’t think I ever really knew them or they me as a result. ‘Questions’ is about people being around each other but not being close. People who are in intimate relationships can stop asking questions of each other because they are uncomfortable and confusing.”

Middle Kids will also be taking ‘Today We’re The Greatest’ on an east coast Australian tour this May, playing shows in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne throughout May with pre-sale opening on February 21.

The tracklist and album artwork for ‘Today We’re The Greatest’ is:


1. ‘Bad Neighbours’
2. ‘Cellophane (Brain)’
3. ‘R U 4 Me?’
4. ‘Questions’
5. ‘Lost in Los Angeles’
6. ‘Golden Star’
7. ‘Summer Hill’
8. ‘Some People Stay In Our Hearts Forever’
9. ‘Run With You’
10. ‘I Don’t Care’
11. ‘Stacking Chairs’
12. ‘Today We’re The Greatest’

Middle Kids - Album Artwork - Today We're The Greatest