Middle Kids share ‘Today We’re the Greatest’ title track with stunning new video

The Sydney trio's new album is out this week

Middle Kids have shared the title track from their forthcoming album ‘Today We’re the Greatest’ before it arrives in full this Friday March 19.

The new song sees vocalist Hannah Joy reflecting on the juxtapositional nature of existence – our lives being at once infinitesimally small and impossibly grand. Fittingly, it pairs meditative, piano-driven verses with soaring choruses and a big, anthemic final refrain.

‘Today We’re the Greatest’ arrives alongside a gorgeously-shot video directed by frequent collaborator W.A.M. Bleakley.


Watch the ‘Today We’re the Greatest’ video below:

The new track is the fifth single the Sydney trio have released ahead of ‘Today We’re the Greatest’ arriving later this week, following up ‘R U 4 Me?’, ‘Questions’, ‘Cellophane (Brain)’ and ‘Stacking Chairs’.

Speaking to NME about the album earlier this month, Joy discussed opening up in order to make music that creates empathy.

“Historically a lot of our music has been vulnerable. People resonate when you actually share a part of yourself that aligns with someone else’s experience,” Joy said.

“[It’s] a positive record with a lot of everything. It’s a declaration that when life is gnarly or boring, which it is for everyone a lot of the time, it’s still great. Owning the messy bits, the dull bits and all the amazing, beautiful bits, that’s when we’re great.”


Middle Kids will launch ‘Today We’re the Greatest’ with a hometown listening party in Sydney tomorrow night – details on that here. They’ll then take the album on the road with an album tour in May.