Miiesha and Mallrat among finalists for 2021 Queensland Music Awards

DZ Deathrays, Greta Stanley, Jungle Giants and King Stingray are among the other finalists

Miiesha and Mallrat are among the finalists for the 2021 Queensland Music Awards announced today (April 8).

Set to take place on Wednesday May 5 at Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley Music Hall, the list of finalists (found below) showcases the talents of emerging and established artists from across the northern state.

DZ Deathrays, Greta Stanley, The Jungle Giants and newcomers King Stingray were also among the names of artists shortlisted for an award.


Contenders for the crown in the Pop category include Eves Karydas and Sycco, while finalists in the Indigenous category boast the likes of AYA J, Beddy Rays and ELEEA.

The top talent for Rock sees Jaguar Jonze, Ball Park Music and Hope D vying for a prize.

In a press release, QMusic CEO Angela Samut said, “We had a vast number of exceptional submissions in every category, more than any previous year… we are thrilled to present such a remarkable group of talented finalists.

“The creativity emanating from our state is both exciting and inspiring and I’m proud that the QMAs can be the place for Queensland to celebrate our musicians’ success”

Also announced today were the finalists for the Billy Thorpe Scholarship.


Beckah Amani, King Stingray, Phoebe Sinclair and Selve are up for the $10,000 prize and the chance to record with an industry-established producer and receive career-planning from Chugg Entertainment.

The 2021 Queensland Music Awards finalists are (alphabetically by category):

Billie Rose – ‘Company With Regret’
Karl S Williams – ‘God Is A Bomb’
LT – ‘Hold Ya’


Fabulous Lemon Drops – ‘There Are Times’
Nyssa Ray – ‘Love Everybody’
Happy Singing Kids – ‘Uh Oh Spaghetti-Oh!’
The Mini Moshers – ‘Superhero’


Camerata-Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra – ‘Apis Australias’
Danny Widdicombe and Ant Aggs –’Alpha Centauri’
Ray LIn –’Moonlight Illusion’
Tristan Barton – ‘Eris’s Debt’


Karl S WIlliams – ‘Columbus Ohio’
Melody Moko – ‘Like Hank Would’
Ruby Gilbert – ‘No Vacancy’
Vixens of Fall – ‘The Long Game’


Confidence Man – ‘First Class Bitch’
Lastlings – ‘No Time’
Pipnk Matter – ‘You’ll Never Know
Young Franco – ‘Juice ft. Pell’


DZ Deathrays – ‘Fired Up’
RHINO – ‘White Witch’
These Four Walls – ‘White Lies’
VIRTUES – ‘DoubleThink’


Jesswar – ‘Venom’
No Money Enterprise – ‘Presto’
LEMAIRE – ‘Where’s Up? (ft. Jay Orient and JK-47’


AYA J – ‘Tenth Street’
Beddy Rays – ‘Sobercoaster’
ELEEA – ‘Wasting Time’
Miiesha – ‘Twisting Words’


Charlotte Mclean – ‘Find Comfort In What Ends’
Danny Widdicombe with Kristin Berardi an Trichotomy – ‘Falling’
Jordan Brodie – ‘Twitch’
Sophie Min – ‘Time Is On (ft. Kayleigh Pincott)’


Eves Karydas – ‘Complicated’
Mallrat – ‘Rockstar’
Sycco – ‘Dribble’
The Jungle Giants – ‘Sending Me Ur Love’


Ball Park Music – ‘Head Like A Sieve’
Beddy Rays – ‘Sobercoaster’
Hope D – ‘Second’
Jaguar Jonze – ‘Rabbit Hole’


Greta StanleY – ‘Soak Into This’
Hazlett – ‘Monsters’
Jaguar Jonze – ‘MURDER’
Karl S. Williams – ‘Never Let Me Go’


DVNA – ‘Sushi In Tolyo’
FELIVAND –’Ebb & Flow’
MiCCY – ‘Tug Of War’
Miiesha – ‘Twisting Words’


MZAZA – ‘The Ether’
Saraima Navara – ‘Kaum Leva Tagu’
Tenzin Choegyal – ‘Heart Strings’
Tijuana Cartel – ‘Sufi’


Cloe Terare – ‘Intentions’
Fragile Animals – ‘Only Until It’s Over’
Greta Stanley – ‘Soak Into This’
Tia Gostelow – ‘PSYCHO’


Alison Jeeves – ‘Angels Watching Over Me’
Billie Rose – ‘Kick Her To The Curb’
Ella Hartwig – ‘Can’t Ask You to Stay’
Miiesha – ‘Twisting Words’

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