Milan Ring releases new single ‘Are Your Friends Alright?’

Her second single of 2020

Today (April 9), producer and singer-songwriter Milan Ring has released a brand-new single titled ‘Are Your Friends Alright?’

‘Are Your Friends Alright’ is the second single from the Sydney native following ‘Switch Off’, which was released in February. Listen to the track below:


“‘Are Your Friends Alright?’ is a song I wrote to let my friends know that I have their backs,” Ring says per a press release.

“After a long and challenging week nobody is going to mess with our weekend good vibes! No randoms coming to parties bringing negative energy. No people just standing around judging our incredible dance moves (ha!) Life is too short to put up with that. Surround yourself with good people and deflect the rest. Enjoy the night and let it be.”

The new song was produced in collaboration with Sydney-based artist BLESSED.

Last week, Ring announced the indefinite postponement of her ‘Switch Off’ national tour due to coronavirus concerns. She also encouraged her fans to secure refunds from ticket providers.

“Fam sorry for the delay on this but we have decided to cancel my upcoming ‘Switch Off’ tour,” she wrote in a Facebook post.


“I truly wish I was seeing you all in a few weeks then taking off to tour the EU/UK as planned but alas! Everyone’s health and safety is the most important thing right now and we will look to move this all for when the time is right. Please contact your ticketing provider for a full refund — don’t hold on to your tickets — get yo money fam! Thank you so much for your support. Sending lots of love to you all ~ stay safe.”

Fam sorry for the delay on this but we have decided to cancel my upcoming 'Switch Off' tour. I truly wish I was seeing…

Posted by Milan Ring on Monday, March 30, 2020