Mindy Meng Wang and Tim Shiel announce collaborative EP, ‘NERVOUS ENERGY 一 触即发’

The EP is slated for release in March

Mindy Meng Wang has announced details of a new collaborative EP, ‘NERVOUS ENERGY 一 触即发’, with producer Tim Shiel.

The duo also shared the lead single from the EP, ‘SLEEPING TIGER ON THE BUND 蓄势待发’, which premiered with a music video directed by Shiel.

The clip showcases footage from Shanghai’s Bund district, including shots of both modern and protected heritage sites.


Watch it below:

‘NERVOUS ENERGY 一 触即发’ is slated for release on March 12 via not-for-profit label, Music In Exile. The two worked on the EP during lockdown last year.

“There is a special and complex feeling of power and strength in this song,” Wang said in a statement describing the song.

“It is clean and thorough, strong yet soft; decisive and delicate. It is full of a dynamic and urgent sense of time.”

In a similar vein to his previous single ‘Coliseum’ featuring Genesis Owusu, Shiel utilised machine learning to construct the visuals for ‘SLEEPING TIGER ON THE BUND 蓄势待发’.


“Like a lot of people, I find machine learning and AI to be equally transfixing and frightening. This video is just me dipping the toes in the machine learning water to see what it feels like,” Shiel said of the video.

“It’s far from exhaustive and it all comes from filtered through a certain aesthetic lens but nonetheless I think it’s a snapshot of both the diversity and the normalcy of real urban life in China. I’ve never been to China but I’d love to go.

“Mindy talks to me often about the balance between the ancient beauty of China and the more modern infrastructure and faster pace of the cities. From a distance, it feels to me like a part of the world that is simultaneously very slow and very fast – so I like that this clip tries to capture that, busy moments in urban life are paused and then stretched, hinting at bigger, longer timescales.”

Wang released her debut album, ‘An Improvisation Through Time and Space’ last year on October 2. The record was produced by Stefan Blair of Melbourne’s Good Morning, and mastered by Total Control’s Mikey Young.