Mindy Meng Wang announces debut album ‘An Improvisation Through Time and Space’

Produced by Good Morning's Stefan Blair

Regurgitator and Sui Zhen collaborator, Mindy Meng Wang has announced the release of her debut album ‘An Improvisation Through Time and Space’.

She’s also released the first single, ‘Forbidden City, A Cold Moon 故宫 . 冷月’. Listen to it below.


Wang is a Chinese composer based in Australia, and a classically trained player of the guzheng, an ancient Chinese string instrument. Since her arrival in Australia in 2014, she has played with Regurgitator on their Velvet Underground covers tour, and collaborated with Melbourne electronic musician Sui Zhen.

In a press statement, Wang said ‘An Improvisation Through Time and Space’ could be treated as “an index of my musical visions”.

“It showcases my cultural roots from a mysterious land in the deep Northwest of China to adventures in new musical styles from my experiences in the UK and Australia.

“It is an honest dialogue between me and you, the listener, started by sharing my musical emotion & unreserved consciousness in the most organic way I know — improvisation.”

The record again has an indie rock pedigree, produced by Stefan Blair of Melbourne’s Good Morning, and mastered by Total Control’s Mikey Young.


‘An Improvisation Through Time and Space’ will be released October 2 on Music In Exile.