Mindy Meng Wang and Tim Shiel share new single ‘Hidden Qi 隐.气’

The second song to be released from the duo's forthcoming collaborative EP

Mindy Meng Wang and Tim Shiel have shared a new single, ‘Hidden Qi 隐.气’. It’s taken from the duo’s forthcoming EP ‘Nervous Energy 一 触即发’, which is due next month.

The lush, droning composition pairs looped melodies performed on the traditional 21-string guzheng with more modern production elements – downtempo beats and ambient soundscapes.

‘Hidden Qi 隐.气’ arrives alongside an Athina Wilson-directed video that showcases Wang’s traditional guzheng performance.


Watch that below:

“‘Hidden Qi 隐.气’ is filled with powerful, firm but flexible energy. Like the inner strength – Qi of a Kung Fu master in the legend, the Qi hidden flows in his body, is free but controlled, like the qualities of mountains, rocks, stars, and rivers,” Wang said in a statement.

Shiel says he was largely led by his collaborative partner’s technique on the song, trying to supplement what she was doing “with a simple boom-bap inspired beat and psychedelic guitar flourishes.”

‘Hidden Qi 隐.气’ is the second song to be shared from the duo’s forthcoming collaborative EP, ‘Nervous Energy 一 触即发’, which is set to arrive on March 12 via Music in Exile. The duo introduced the project last month with lead single ‘Sleeping Tiger on the Bund 蓄势待发’.


Last year, Wang released her debut solo EP, ‘An Improvisation Through Time and Space’. Produced by Stefan Blair of Good Morning, it was also released on the Music in Exile label.

Shiel, meanwhile, released a collaboration with Genesis Owusu last year on the single ‘Coliseum’. The producer and triple j/Double J presenter also created the song’s surreal music video, made in part using an AI/machine learning tool.