Moaning Lisa release gripping new single, ‘Something’

With a music video inspired by the horror movie 'It Follows'

Moaning Lisa have released a new single today (March 25), the enthralling ‘Something’.

Receiving its premiere on triple j’s Good Nights last night (March 24), the track packs electric vocals and punk-infused riffs.

In a press release, the band said of the track, “[It] was really fun and spontaneous to write, and I think we wanted everything that was happening in the song to reflect that.”


The new song dropped alongside an official music video, directed by William He and set in an industrial underpass in Melbourne. According to Moaning Lisa, the video’s intent was to capture the eeriness of the city as it emerged fresh from lockdown. “Once we saw the location it made us think of It Follows, a horror movie that we’ve always loved.

“I think we were really trying to pull out and maximise the scary qualities of the song which is something we haven’t ever done before.”

Watch the official music video below:

Earlier this month Moaning Lisa announced a five-date east coast tour, set to kick off in April.


Upon the tour announcement, the band also revealed they had signed a new record deal with Farmer & The Owl, which saw the indie outfit join the ranks of Bad//Dreems and Hockey Dad.

Forthcoming new material will be released with the label.