MOD CON announce forthcoming sophomore album ‘Modern Condition’

They've also shared the punchy first single, 'Ammo'

Melbourne punk trio MOD CON have announced they’ve got a new album titled ‘Modern Condition’ on the way, three years on from their last LP.

Sharing the news today (June 18), the three-piece gave fans a taste of what to expect from the forthcoming record, sharing the first single ‘Ammo’. As the name suggests, it’s a punchy track. It isn’t wildly energetic though, leaning instead on steady drums, bass riffs and Erica Dunn’s unflinching vocals to make an impact.

A remix courtesy of Ela Stiles also arrived alongside it, ramping up the tempo to deliver a completely different, harder and faster cut.


Give them both a spin below.

“Ammo sits against a backdrop of weaponry of all kinds,” Dunn explained in a press statement.

“Small time ammo: collecting tidbits to one-up each other, using missteps to trip each other up and catch each other out, a teledex of human error. Big time ammo: nation states hoarding weapons, casting threats, goading and antagonising.

“It’s a dare to anyone who is willing to surrender first, put their weapons down and, in ultimate defiance, let bygones be and clean the slate so good it’s shines like polished glass.

“It’s an olive branch to anyone who can imagine things being different. A secret handshake to throw the fight, get knocked out of the first round, turn yr back on the ring, exit the arena, jump into the first taxi & put the pedal to the metal to our new utopia.”


A tracklist for the full album is yet to arrive, but it is slated for release on October 1 via Melbourne’s Poison City Records.

‘Modern Condition’ will be the band’s first release since they launched their debut album in 2018, titled ‘Modern Convenience’.

They’ve been fairly quiet in between, but teamed up with members of Tropical Fuck Storm, Wild Horses, High Tension and more last year for an isolation album. Calling themselves Slippry Intrigue, the supergroup released the ten-track ‘Infinity Slipper’ on Bandcamp in September.