Molly Payton shares new single ‘When Skies Were Always Blue’

The next cut from forthcoming mini-album 'Slack'

Molly Payton has released her new single, the sonically rich ‘When Skies Were Always Blue’.

In a press statement, Payton explained that the song “is about learning how to live with disappointment, and how experiencing pain makes you appreciate joy that much more”.

“I wrote this song after dealing with some traumatic stuff and losing someone close to me, and I think in a way it was me trying to give myself a bit of hope and reminding myself that things would get better with time.”


The velvety grunge track is accompanied by a music video exploring the themes of loss and and moving on present in the song itself. Watch the video below:

Payton added: “The video shows me coming back out from the inner chaos in [previous single ‘You Cut Me So Much Slack’] into the ‘real world’ after [a] relationship has ended.”

The latest cut from the New Zealand-born, London-based singer-songwriter, the song is lifted from Payton’s forthcoming mini-album, entitled ‘Slack’ due out October 1 via The Orchard.

The album was created in her native New Zealand with her frequent collaborator Oli Barton-Wood (Nilüfer Yanya, Porridge Radio, Sorry), as well as Grammy-winning producer Jimmy Hogarth (Amy Winehouse).


‘When Skies Were Blue’ follows the release of single ‘You Cut Me So Much Slack’, which dropped on August 11.