Molly Payton shares ‘You Cut Me So Much Slack’ from forthcoming mini-album

'Slack' arrives on October 1

New Zealand-born, London-based singer-songwriter Molly Payton has released a new single, ‘You Cut Me So Much Slack’.

The song, released today (August 11), serves as the quasi-title track of a new mini-album, ‘Slack’, set for release this October. It marks Payton’s second single of 2021, following the release of ‘Honey’ in June.

An accompanying music video has also been shared for ‘You Cut Me So Much Slack’, directed by Taylor Mansfield. Having also directed the video for ‘Honey’, Mansfield’s vision for the video was to continue the story established in the previous clip – including literally positioning Payton at the start of the clip in the exact spot she was at the end of ‘Honey’.


Watch it below:

In a press statement, Payton explains that the song was originally intended for her second EP, 2020’s ‘Porcupine’. It was, however, pulled from the tracklist at the last minute because it “fit better” into the new project she was working on at the time, which would eventually become ‘Slack’.

“In ‘Porcupine’, when I wrote about friendships and relationships, I was placing a lot of blame on other people,” she said.

“‘Slack’ is more self-reflective, and centres around taking responsibility for your own faults in order to grow.”


Payton goes on to note that the song was written about communication breakdown, and being unable to convey wants and needs to those closest to her.

“My anxiety used to make it almost impossible to… express my feelings to someone, and when I tried it would never come out the way I wanted it to,” she said.

“That’s what this song is driven by, that frustration and desperation of wanting someone but not being able to tell them.”

‘Slack’ is set for release on October 1 via Bug Records.