MONSTA X’s Joohoney reveals ‘Gambler’ was inspired by ‘James Bond’ movies

“I thought the sexiness of the movies really fit well"

MONSTA X member Joohoney has shared that the James Bond movie series inspired the group’s latest title track, ‘Gambler’.

On ‘Gambler’, the six-member boyband tell a story of two lovers and their fatal attraction to one another, along with their readiness to risk it all for each other. Joohoney, who helped ot write, composed and arrange the single, told Femina that he felt the “sexiness of the [James Bond] movies really fit [the song] well”.

“The inspiration came from 007 and James Bond,” he said. “I thought the sexiness of the movies really fit well. And about the guitar riffs, those just came to me suddenly! I didn’t really think about it! I want to be inspired by really unexpected aspects, because it’s fun to find those kinds of sources when writing music.”


Vocalist Minhyuk also shared that the decision to go with ‘Gambler’ as their latest title track was made as a group, explaining that “when we’re choosing the title track, we always vote”.

“So, whichever is the most popular among the members and the staff, that’s going to be the title song,” he added. “There were other choices, but I liked the one that Joohoney wrote the best, because I thought that 007 theme really matches well with MONSTA X’s vibe and style.”

‘Gambler’ marks the group’s first domestic comeback of 2021, following ‘Fatal Love’ in 2020. The song appears on their ninth mini-album titled ‘One of a Kind’, which also includes the Korean version of their Japanese single ‘Livin’ It Up’.

In other MONSTA X news, the group recently announced the dates for their rescheduled 2022 US and Canada tour, which was originally set for 2020. “We have been keeping an eye on the COVID-19 situation and are pleased to inform you for the newly coordinated 2022 MONSTA X World Tour In US/Canada tour schedule,” their agency Starship Entertainment said in its statement. “All existing tickets will be honoured for new dates.”