Montaigne teams up with Talking Heads’ David Byrne on new single ‘Always Be You’

The pair appear together in a delightfully quirky music video

Montaigne has joined forces with former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne for a vibing heartfelt single, ‘Always Be You’.

The new song sees Montaigne explore a rush of emotions that transpire through a loving relationship. There’s a gentle beat pulsating throughout, with Montaigne and Byrne’s soaring vocals gorgeously complementing one another.

The accompanying music video the art-pop singer and her partner, Pat against brightly-coloured backdrops. Byrne also makes an appearance, with the couple watching him through a TV screen at various points.


Check out the video – directed by Sydney-based artist/producer Nick Ward and Jacinthe Lau – below:

In a press statement, Montaigne – the stage name of Jessica Cerro – said it was “a dream come true” collaborating with Byrne. “Everything [Byrne has] done from the Talking Heads to solo work and one-off collaborations has been so influential to me,” she elaborated.

“It’s absolutely buck wild to me that he has assented to singing lyrics and melodies I’ve written, as well as contributing his own fabulous sense of humour and writing voice. Such a treat.

“I’m so happy I could get him on board with this particular song too. We both share the song’s sentiment about being with our partners.”

Byrne shared his delight at the outcome of the collaboration, saying: “How could I have not been aware of this person? Someone I imagine might occasionally get labelled ‘quirky’ – as I often am.


“With Jess [Montaigne] that quirkiness translates into complete heartfelt honesty and transparency about her feelings – feelings many of us might be ashamed or afraid to admit to – all set to incredibly infectious tunes. Brave, weird and catchy.”

Last year, Montaigne released the first cut from a forthcoming new album, a space-inspired glitchy pop offering titled ‘Now (In Space)’. Speaking of the upcoming body of work, Montaigne called it “the peak of my career”.

“the album is literally… I can’t even begin to…it is going to be the peak of my career. hands down. my peak. at least to me,” she wrote. “it’s full on how much this thing has come to completely stun & amaze me with regards to who has decided to be on it & how beautiful and wholesome it is.”

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