MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul and Solar unveil new subunit name MAMAMOO+

MAMAMOO+'s first release is due out next week

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul and Solar will be making their first release as the subunit MAMAMOO+ next week.

On August 23, RBW Entertainment revealed the name of its new MAMAMOO subunit, MAMAMOO+, comprising members Moonbyul and Solar, along with their first teaser image as a duo.

The new photo also features the subunit’s logo, which adds a plus sign to the quartet’s original logo and a sun and moon icon in each of the letter “o”s, representing the two members.


While the exact format of the release has not been announced, the upcoming MAMAMOO+ project is due out on August 30 at 6pm KST.

News of the upcoming unit was first confirmed by the agency yesterday. While the members of MAMAMOO have previously teamed up in duos for past concerts and fan events, the upcoming release will mark the first time the group have officially launched a subunit. It will also be the members’ first non-solo release since MAMAMOO’s compilation album ‘I Say MAMAMOO: The Best’ in August 2021.

The quartet – comprising Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein and Hwasa – have primarily focused on their solo endeavours since Wheein left RBW Entertainment in mid-2021.

However, the agency announced back in June that the girl group were planning to release a new studio album and hold a concert sometime in the second half of 2022 to commemorate their eighth year together.

“One thing I can say for sure is I’m very excited and we’ll be able to do a concert with the members too,” youngest member Hwasa told NME in an interview during her recent appearance at HallyuPopFest London 2022.

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