Moses Sumney shares dreamy new track ‘Bless Me’

Another slice of heaven from new album 'græ'

Moses Sumney has returned with a new song, ‘Bless Me’, taken from the second part of his new album.

The first part of ‘græ’ arrived on February 21 via Jagjaguwar Records and included the previously released tracks, ‘Virile’, ‘Polly’ and ‘Conveyor.’

“Why would you soil yourself with a monster like me?” Sumney sings on ‘Bless Me’, a slow-burning dream-pop track. “If the good lord sent you, the good lord can take you back.”


The song has been released alongside a video by Josh Finck, and includes final ‘græ’ track ‘before you go’. Watch the clip below.

Speaking to The Independent last week (May 10), Sumney discussed his feelings on being represented as queer in the media.

“I have never identified, publicly or privately, as queer,” he explained. “But I don’t correct people when they say that. I try not to correct people too much these days, because the desire to do so stems from ego. And I realised at some point that proclamations of identification are largely for other people, not for the self.

“So people can call me whatever they want to call me, if it helps them feel actualised or like they are relating to something they see in themselves. But it’s worth noting that no one has ever been considerate enough to ask me.”