Mossy announces debut album ‘N2KY’

The artist has also released the new single 'Unfazed'

Electropop artist Mossy – real name Jamie Timony – has announced the forthcoming arrival of his debut album ‘N2KY’, short for ‘Nice To Know Ya’.

The album will be released March 18 through I OH YOU, and feature production from The Rubens and Stella Donnelly collaborator Dean Tuza. It was mixed by Grammy-winning engineer Stu White.

Alongside the album announcement, the These New South Whales frontman has released a new single, ‘Unfazed’.


In a statement, Mossy said ‘Unfazed’ was inspired by “relationships where it appears as though people are strangling each other”. The track is accompanied by a music video directed by the artist and his brother Ben Timony, which sees Mossy travel in a helicopter over water. Watch the video for ‘Unfazed’ below:

In addition to ‘Unfazed’, the album will also include the previously released single ‘Shade’ – his first release in four years. At the time, Mossy explained that its minimalist soundscape came from frustration over where the track was heading in an earlier version.

“In the 11th hour … I realised that the song wasn’t doing what I knew it could,” he said. “When that was finished, I felt like I had cracked the code.” A remix of the track by Canadian producer Kmoe was released the following month.

Mossy released his debut self-titled EP in 2016 through I OH YOU.

Mossy’s ‘N2KY’ tracklist:


1. ‘Shade’
2. ‘I Will Be the One Who Says Yes’
3. ‘Broke Again’
4. ‘Dim Rays of Hope’
5. ‘Where Does the Time Go?’
6. ‘N2KY’
7. ‘Why Can’t You See?’
8. ‘A Few Minutes of Silent Staring’
9. ‘Special Attention’
10. ‘Unfazed’