Mossy drops thumping Banoffee re-work of latest single ‘Unfazed’

Banoffee said that when she first heard ‘Unfazed’, she “was taken by how emotional the lyrics were in quite a unique way”

Melbourne-native pop artist Banoffee (aka Martha Brown) has put a punchy, club-ready spin on ‘Unfazed’, the latest single from Sydney musician (and These New South Whales frontman) Mossy.

Brown’s re-work retains the bleary, effects-heavy shimmer of the original track, but amps up its energy with sharp 808s and propulsive sub bass. It’s evocative of the work on her recent second album, ‘Tear Tracks’, expertly balancing melancholy and liveliness.

Take a look at the video for Banoffee’s re-work of ‘Unfazed’ below:


In a press release, Mossy – real name Jamie Timony – said he’d been “a huge admirer of [Brown’s] work before we ever became friends”, calling her take on ‘Unfazed’ a “deconstructed club hit”.

He continued: “I knew whatever she did with it would be full of heart, colour and [be] off the wall in some way. She definitely delivered on all those fronts.”

Echoing the sentiment, Brown added: “When I first heard ‘Unfazed’, I was taken by how emotional the lyrics were in quite a unique way. The words of the track drew me to it, and it was such an honour to play with it.

“I wanted to create something quite erratic with my re-work, to highlight different feelings and moments within Jamie’s writing in a way that felt authentic to me.”

Timony released ‘Unfazed’ as a single last month, saying at the time that it was inspired by “relationships where it appears as though people are strangling each other”. It came alongside the announcement of his debut album, ‘N2KY’ (short for ‘Nice To Know Ya’), due out on March 18 through I OH YOU.


In addition to ‘Unfazed’, the album will also include the previously released single ‘Shade’ – his first release in four years. A remix of the track by Canadian producer Kmoe was released back in September.

NME gave ‘Tear Tracks’ a four-star review upon its release earlier this month, writing: “Though fans of the more explosive bangers on [debut album] ‘Look At Us Now’ might come away from it feeling shorted, ‘Tear Tracks’ is a consistently spellbinding journey through the pillars and potholes of [Banoffee’s] psyche.”