Motez drops Madonna-inspired new single ‘Give Your Heart Away’

His first solo release since his 'Soulitude EP'

Motez has unveiled his latest cut ‘Give Your Heart Away’ today (October 16), marking the latest in a huge string of releases this year from the Adelaide producer.

‘Give Your Heart Away’ is a club-ready, sweaty techno release, akin to some of the producer’s earlier work.

Listen to ‘Give Your Heart Away’ below:


In a press statement, Motez explained how a track from Madonna‘s 2000 album ‘Music’ directly influenced the new track.

“The title of the song is a lyric by one of my favourite Madonna songs called ‘Runaway Lover’,” he said.

“I loved the bit where she says “it doesn’t pay, to give your heart away to a runaway lover‘.”

“‘Give Your Heart Away’ was a song I wrote during a 2-month writing trip to LA last year,” Motez continued.


“It’s a result of my love for soulful vocals, rolling melody and chord progression behind a big techno beat. I love that combination in what I listen to and play out – it has always captured my attention because it has big emotional and euphoric weight to it, which was evident every time I played ‘Give Your Heart Away’ out over the previous summer festival period.”

The release of ‘Give Your Heart Away’ marks Motez’s first solo release since he dropped his ‘Soulitude EP’ back in June.

Motez premiered the EP as part of the first instalment of United We Stream, an event which encouraged viewers to donate to Support Act.